Welcome to our June Update!

It is finally here! After a somewhat rough start of the new season, failing drug plugins and countless of other bugs that we had to fix, we can safely say that we have left all of that behind us now and things are really starting to get into shape. This months update is mainly a content update that will bring in a lot of new features, with some smaller features and bug fixes here and there.

As usual, please report any bugs, glitches or exploits you might encounter to the server staff ingame, on Discord or via the forums.

The update will be pushed this sunday - and we will host a series of events including a DP!

Drop Party on Sunday 24th of June
Including 4 hours of Abandoned City V2!


Abandoned City is back!
There is a new map to explore and we have changed the way how the game works. We are introducing Quarantine Zones, Hot Spots, Boss Spawns and a whole lotta loot that can be found all over the map. Loot chests now come in tiers, regular tiers can be found anywhere on the map, the more rare tiers can only be found in Quarantine Zones or near Hot Spots. This means that players will have to take risks to get better loot (PvP being enabled and tough bosses).

Hello Drugrunners,

As you know, I'm not much online lately. The reason is because I am busy with my own business. The company is doing very well at the moment, so I have little time on Drugrun. I want to focus 100% on the company because of the possibilities I recently received. I resign from my admin role because I don't want to be an admin who is hardly online.

About 2.5 years ago I started working on the server together with Max when it wasn't public yet. It were good times, especially because of the increase of the playerbase. I would like to thank you all for these times. Of course I will sometimes visit the server to see how things are going. Once again, thanks everyone for the good times!



Welcome (back) to DrugRun and the new season!

On the new year, we started developing Season 3, and we are extremely excited to release it!
Last June (2017), we were forced to reset the entire server because of faulty plugin. While we could have removed all the items, it most certainly was not worth the time. We shut the server down for 9 days, and came back swinging.
At that point, us Admins weren't aiming at new content; we were aiming to get DrugRun back up ASAP. 9 days is not a lot of time to include anything major. Due to the fact that S2 was built off the S1 foundation, there was no major changes we could implement while hitting our timeline.
That's all fake news though. The real headline here is Season 3. It has been made from from the absolute bottom up. Season 3, aimed to take another perspective than our current DrugRun. It was all built from scratch!
This season will be a near brand new server for all players, old and new! With that out of the way, let's take a look at all the new features, content, and changes.

Here is a list of the changes we made which aren't major enough for their own section.

  • Updated messages on all plugins to be a lot cleaner
  • Updated information commands such as /ranks, /help, etc
  • Moved some commands to a GUI
  • Added Discord <-> Minecraft bridge (Use /discord in game!)
  • Updated most chatbox messages/info
  • Updated spawn!
  • Refreshed Pshops
  • Refreshed Vaults
  • Refreshed Shops
  • Refreshed Police Station
  • Refreshed...