Hello DrugRunners!

It has been a little while since we posted here, but you should know that we have been pretty busy!

On April 1st, we will be hosting our MARCH PvP Tournament and drop party, because the last Sunday of March decided to in April - not our fault ;) . With that said, this announcement (and our next one :eek:), is to let all you players know that we haven't gone anywhere.

We know player counts have been low lately, and that is because the talk of season 3. Like I said, we will talk about this later.

Be at the PvP Tournament or be circle! We will have great prizes, including season 3 prizes! These will all be announced day of.

- DrugRun Staff Team

Today we're going to talk about some of the features we've added, and some of the changes we've made. As of the last week, we introduced a refreshed airdrop and a new spawn and tons of cool things, but there is still some stuff we need to get to. Let's get started!


With refresh of airdrops, we've properly implemented the tiers. These changes will take effect on December 1st. All tiers of airdrops will be able to spawn, and you can get some really shiny goodies. If you don't know what airdrops are, or want some more information, click here.


If you logged in today, you may have noticed that your suffix has gone missing! Us admins were getting a little tired of having to manually edit people's suffixes. Alongside that, there are a lot of players who wanted to have their own tag at the end of their name. To change your suffix type /suffix. This will open a menu of all possible tags you can wear.

All donator ranks have their own tag if you wish to wear, or we have added a couple tags that everyone has access too. Going forward from there, we are going to have tags which will be Limited Edition, that you can only get at some event or major holiday which is hosted on the server. You can also get tags from crates, airdrops, etc. There will be tags which will be exclusive to something - this means that you would only be able to get this tag in one way. For example, we have added two tags ([Gladiator] & [Champion]) which can only be acquired by capturing the Hill.

However, these are not the only ways you can get tags. If you have been to the Black Market in the last day, you may have noticed a giant boat! In front of that boat is Corbin, who is an Agent for Black Flamingo Company. He will sell titles in exchange for...