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By Flavour on Apr 1, 2018 at 7:36 AM
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    Hello Drugrunners,

    It is with a very heavy heart that I have some bad news. Season 2 will be shutting down on May 11th..


    Lucky for you, we're putting Season 3 in it's place ;). Yes, season 2 is coming to an end, but DrugRun Season 3 is getting started! We hope the tears went from sad to happy <3​


    We know DrugRun has been a bit quiet lately. That is to happen with any server with an upcoming reset, and isn't much of a surprise. We wanted to give you a reason to log on in season 2, just to love it as is, because everything is going to change (Admin team = Fire Nation).

    Starting today, DailySpin will have a Login Streak and Streak Rewards. Logging into the server everyday will now give you access to exclusive goodies in Season 3, such as crates, keys, blueprints, cosmetics, and a lot more. These rewards will not be in the spin itself, but given after you use the spin.

    Login Streaks increase with everyday that you login and spin. If you miss a day, you will lose your streak! Note: You will not receive any physical items until season 3 launches, but the rewards will be added.

    Here is a list of all the rewards. You will notice that the more you Spin and Vote, the better the prizes. Some of these prizes won't be attainable once Season 3 launches:

    Login Streak Rewards (Use /kit daily):
    [✪✪✪✪✪] Wicked Gear
    [✪✪✪✪✪] Legendary Gear
    [✪✪✪✪✪] Epic Gear
    [✪✪✪✪✪] Exquisite Gear
    [✪✪✪✪] Uncommon Gear
    Contraband Crate Keys
    Wicked Crate
    Legendary Crate
    Epic Crate
    Exquisite Crate
    Portable Shop Consumable
    Everlasting Portable Shop Consumable
    Commands such as /near, /craft, etc
    Airdrop Flares (reworked!)
    Free Rankup Card
    Buycraft Coupon
    Abandoned Crate
    Faction Resources (obsidian, tnt, etc)
    ... and much more!


    I'll be honest with you, there is too much change to put in one post. Probably even two or three. I've compiled a list of every single change in another post, which will be released a week before the new Season drops.

    Here is what you need to know right now!

    "Am I going to lose my rank and money and tokens?"
    Yes. Only your donator rank will cross over.

    "Am I going to lose my tags?"
    Yes & No. When the new season drops, you will receive Contraband Crate Keys, which you can use to open the tags crate, or one of the other cosmetic crates!


    "Is the world being reset?"

    "Will I stay police on season 3 if I am police now?"
    Yes! In season 3, you will receive a frisking licence which you can use to be an officer.

    "Am I going to lose my inventory, enderchest, & vaults?"

    "If there is a reset, what is the point in playing?"
    Valid question. This is the reason we added login streak rewards, so that you have some reason to log on and play. It will only help you when season 3 drops!

    "If I was top voter and still have my coupon, will it carry over?"
    Yes? JK, yes!

    Have another question? Ask it by leaving a comment below!
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Discussion in 'News' started by Flavour, Apr 1, 2018.

    1. swams
      noice. i love it.
    2. Deathdealt
      Will you reschedule the commands in BuyCraft for season 3?
    3. maxito43
      Donator ranks, perks and vaults purchased through our server store will transfer over to S3. The items and perks included with the ranks might slightly differ as they have been reworked. Anything else, including keys, will NOT be transferred to S3.

      Note: Any vaults you have access to currently will transfer (NOT prestige unlocked vaults), however their contents will be reset prior to S3 release.
    4. Gramspa
    5. Qaazx
      So if other things like keys or enchants are not being transferred over, will there be a process for those who purchased these to receive some sort of equivalent store coupon?
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    6. Qaazx
      Nevermind. This is a stupid question because the coupons could be used for the same donation again so there would be no point. Will there be any sort of compensation for players who made these donations?

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