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    Welcome (back) to DrugRun and the new season!

    On the new year, we started developing Season 3, and we are extremely excited to release it!
    Last June (2017), we were forced to reset the entire server because of faulty plugin. While we could have removed all the items, it most certainly was not worth the time. We shut the server down for 9 days, and came back swinging.
    At that point, us Admins weren't aiming at new content; we were aiming to get DrugRun back up ASAP. 9 days is not a lot of time to include anything major. Due to the fact that S2 was built off the S1 foundation, there was no major changes we could implement while hitting our timeline.
    That's all fake news though. The real headline here is Season 3. It has been made from from the absolute bottom up. Season 3, aimed to take another perspective than our current DrugRun. It was all built from scratch!
    This season will be a near brand new server for all players, old and new! With that out of the way, let's take a look at all the new features, content, and changes.

    Here is a list of the changes we made which aren't major enough for their own section.

    • Updated messages on all plugins to be a lot cleaner
    • Updated information commands such as /ranks, /help, etc
    • Moved some commands to a GUI
    • Added Discord <-> Minecraft bridge (Use /discord in game!)
    • Updated most chatbox messages/info
    • Updated spawn!
    • Refreshed Pshops
    • Refreshed Vaults
    • Refreshed Shops
    • Refreshed Police Station
    • Refreshed Boss Arena
    • Refreshed duel arenas (semi flat terrain now)

    Shout-out to the people who engineered all the spawn changes: @Bryan @~Blunt @010David

    Yellow Line = Season 1 & 2 Spawn
    Green Line = Season 3 Expansion

    Our spawn has almost tripled in size! During the first two seasons, the spawn was cut off as most of it was underdeveloped, or not developed at all. This season, with all of our new content, we decided to expand our spawn so we could make room for everything! With all this extra space available, it will be a lot easier to implement and release new content. Alongside that, we've moved some of the warps that you all are accustomed to, because who doesn't like a change in scenery?

    In season 1-2, we had a pretty basic drug system with little to no room for expansion. This season, we wanted to make drugs more relevant in the pvp scene as well as keeping the drug creation mechanics from season 1-2.
    We also wanted to take a step to nerf laggy redstone farms (as mentioned in the economy section). So some of our drugs will have custom growth patterns. Custom growth patterns will require custom seeds, which can be acquired by using /kit drugs or going to the Pharmacy in spawn.
    We will have some drug bases. Drug Bases will be a base for drug recipes. This system will allow us to add recipes quite easily in the future.


    One of the biggest changes to DrugRun will be with the boosters. During Season 2, we only had global boosters for Drug Selling, mcMMO experience, Abandoned City, and voting booster. This season, we are adding even more.

    Factions Boosters
    - This booster will apply to the faction members of the player who activated the booster
    » Drug Sell | Sell your drugs at a multiplied price
    » mcMMO Experience | Gain multiplied mcMMO experience
    » Mob Drops | Mobs will drop more loot
    » Vanilla EXP | Gain vanilla experience at a multiplied rate
    Global Boosters
    - This booster will apply to all online players on the server
    » Drug Sell | Sell your drugs at a multiplied price
    » mcMMO Experience | Gain multiplied mcMMO experience
    » Abandoned City | A city filled with tons of loot, and the Abandoned Crate
    » Vote Rewards | Get more free stuff from voting


    mcMMO is quite a large feature on DrugRun. We never took full advantage of all its features. This season, while looking to have a balanced PvP scene, we have spent some time looking over mcMMO and it's leveling system.
    Here is a list of changes we made:

      • Made mcMMO credits more rare
      • Completely removed Taming
      • Increased difficulty to level combat skills (Acrobatics, Archery, Axes, Swords, Unarmed)
      • Nerfed some Axes & Sword tickrates
      • Nerfed Natural Endermen Grinders
      • Buffed spawn rates of all mobs (spawner & natural)
    The majority of season 2's economy revolved around big laggy redstone farms. We didn't like that too much, so we decided to nerf redstone farms. To combat and make redstone farms obsolete, we have created a dynamic price system. Any drugs which can be farmed without replanting (full automatic redstone farms) are subject to dynamic pricing.
    What is a dynamic price? A dynamic price is a price which changes based on circulating supply. To keep it simple, the more of these 3 drugs that get sold, the less valuable it becomes. These prices will change for everyone, and if these drugs have too much supply, they will be worthless! :(
    P.S We added a fully functional replanting system that doesn't glitch out!
    We also wanted to make Tokens & EXP more involved in the economy. To start off, we have added Bank Notes, Token Notes, and EXP bottles. This means you can withdraw these currencies and put them into a physical form.
    We have introduced MANY new shops, especially those where you can buy things from our buycraft for in-game currency. We wanted to make everything available on the buycraft store available in-game. You will be able to purchase things with all 3 of these currencies, and there will even be an option to trade specific items (item currencies!).
    Bank Note
    EXP Note (p.s 1400exp = lvl30)

    Token Note

    We have reworked this entire system to be more organized and a lot more visually appealing! Please remember that Green & Gold tier are not better than the other, they are just used to categorize different items on the server! The stars determine that actual "betterness" of the tier.
    The tier system now has 5 stars in each tier, with a total of 2 different tiers (for now..)
    [✪✪✪✪] Uncommon Tier | All Uncommon and 1 star gear
    [✪✪✪✪✪] Exquisite Tier | Replacing season 2 "Rare" tier
    ✪✪✪✪✪] Epic Tier | All Epic and 3 star gear
    [✪✪✪✪] Legendary Tier | All Legendary 4 star gear
    ✪✪✪✪✪] Wicked Tier | All Wicked and 5 star Gear
    [✪✪✪✪] Contraband Tier | Contraband is now the tier for ALL cosmetics!
    ✪✪✪✪✪] Consumable Tier | This tier holds all consumable items like airdrop flares
    ✪✪✪✪✪] Abandoned Tier | This holds all the Abandoned Items and Enchantment Books
    [✪✪✪✪] Holiday Tier | Holiday items, restricted only for items released on special holidays
    ✪✪✪✪✪] Master Tier | This is the master tier which holds the most powerful items on the server

    New season new DrugRun right? We have completely redone the crates system and how crates are handled. Crate "Keys" are now called Encryptions. When you get an Encryption, you take it to Gary, the friendly decryptor. He will be more than happy to decode your encryption and give you a reward!
    If you are still confused on how this works, think of it as 1 crate and tons of keys. All the keys (except contraband) will work with Gary, and the reward you receive will be based on the key you use. We wanted to localize all the crates to one place, instead of having different crates in different places, and just being generally confusing to newer players.
    This what the general Encryption item looks like:
    This season we added a few more ranks to the server.
    Citizen → Grower → Smuggler → Dealer → Drug Baron → Associate → KingPin → Mobster → Godfather → Il Capo → Minister → Senator → President → Prestiges → Master Prestiges
    Citizen Thief Hustler Transporter Smuggler Grower Dealer Drug Baron Associate Swindler Mobster King Pin Godfather Il Capo Senator President Prestiges Master Prestiges
    As expected, when you rank up you will get different perks and rank up rewards such as encryptions. As you rank up, you will receive access to different kits and different commands. There are way too many to list, so if you want to see a list of perks and rank up rewards, etc, type /ranks in game.

    This season we wanted to take a more balanced approach to kits. This means that kits that both donor ranks as well as drug ranks will be equal depending on the rank.
    Since we have evened out the ranks to 5 green, 5 yellow, 5 purple, each tier of ranks will have their own kit, for the exception of President, which will have the Wicked kit- Green ranks will receive the Exquisite Kit, Yellow ranks will receive the Epic kit, and Purple ranks will receive the Lgendary Kit. This will match how the donator ranks receive their kits as well.
    You can see which kit each rank gets by typing /ranks and clicking on the appropriate category (drug ranks or donator ranks). If you want to see the kits, or what a kit contains, type /kits.

    This is definitely one of the more important features. We have decided to use a modified Vanilla enchanting system. We have reduced the maximum enchantment level for important enchamtnets such as sharpness, protection, and efficiency. Sharpness and Protection will be limited to level 5, and efficiency to level 7. We hope this change will keep fights a little shorter while also not creating such a massive gap in gear where Wicked and Wicked Gear completely overpowers everything.
    In our improved enchantment system, we will have enchantment "types". These enchantments will be limited to 1 per item, to keep it all balanced. You as the player will have to pick which enchantment you think will be the most useful to you.
    Infusion -
    - Applies to: Diamond Armor
    - Info: Infusions require all 4 armor pieces to be enchanted with the same Infusion enchant. Then you will get the perk from the enchantment itself.
    Edge -
    - Applies to: Sword, Axe
    - Info: The "edge" of the sword. Enchantments will include stuff like poison, slow, wither, blind, etc on hit.
    Arrow -
    - Applies to: Bow
    - Info: There are only 2 enchants in this category - "Splash" and "Spread". "Splash" will splash whatever Tip enchantment you have in a small AoE around where the arrow lands. "Spread" will be the equivalent of season 2's ShotGun Enchantment - it will shoot multiple arrows like a shotgun.
    Tip -
    - Applies to: Bow
    - Info: This enchantment will make the arrows you shoot empowered. This will include things like poison, slow, wither, blind, and more whenever your arrow hits. This synergizes with the "Arrow" enchantment.
    Mod -
    - Applies to: Sword, Axe, Shovel, Pickaxe,
    - Info: These enchantments give specific benefits, like Infusions, and are limited to one per item.
    General -
    - Applies to: All
    - Info: This is just general enchantments.

    We have a brand new factions plugin, which uses the Factions 1.6 base (when things were simple). Some mechanics within factions have been changed dramatically. To promote raiding, we have made a rule where a faction can only have 1 ally, 1 truce, and as many enemies as they want.

    The plugin itself moves everything to a much cleaner GUI based system, where permissions are just a simple click rather than super long and annoying commands. There are also a multitude of new features including:

      • Larger /f map
      • Click to claim on /f map
      • Faction Vault - Vault that everyone in your faction can access (raidable)
      • Faction Warps
      • Faction War Banner - Banner that gives faction members potion effects in a radius
      • Faction co-leaders - have all permissions of leader except disband
      • Faction Upgrades - (1) Faster crop growth (2) Spawner spawn rates (3) More EXP on kill
      • Faction TNT Bank - Virtual bank to deposit all TNT. Add or remove TNT with commands
      • Faction SeeChunk - Allows you to see the chunk you are standing in
      • TNT Fill - Automagically fill dispensers with TNT. Hooks with TNT bank if wanted.

    This one will be short and simple. No more commands to memorize like season 2 :). You can open up your cosmetics menu by typing /cosmetics (/cosm for short)
    Here is a list of all the cosmetics (for now..):

    • Chat Tags - Your familiar chat suffixes. Over 3000 tags now!
    • Tablist Tag - Change the colour of your donator tile in TAB
    • Chat Colours - self explanatory
    • Mini Pets - Small little companion that follows you around
    • Arrow Trails - leaves a trail of effect from the arrow
    • Particles - Particles that revolve around you and make nice effects
    • Gadgets - LOCKED but will return soon
    In season 2, we had a relatively large sewer system, and it was easy to get lost in it. We have added a new sewers which has 1 central spot and some corridors. There are sewer skulls you should follow to get there!

    Noobs read this:
    The Abandoned City is a rundown city. There are TONS of chests throughout the city which you can open and get some good loot. AbandonedCity will now be both PvE and PvP. There is a pvp outline where pvp is allowed.
    All of the lootable chests in the PvP zone have better rewards than those which are in the PvE zone. However, you can be attacked by other players in the PvP zone - high risk and high reward.
    Comparing S3 to S2, we have refreshed the map to something new, and we have combined the PvP and PvE aspects into one. This will make it a lot easier to understand.
    In S2 we had something called "Mystery Crates". You would use a special key to open these crates. The new version of Abandoned City doesn't have any Mystery Crates. To keep Abandoned City unique, we have added items which can only be acquired from the Abandoned City. These items fall under the "Abandoned Tier", and includes anything from spawners to armor sets to infusions. These will be relatively rare.
    The red line represents the the PvP zone!


    Police has received a massive overhaul this season. We have completely scrapped the idea of permanent police ranks and gone for a "mode" approach. The Police Mode will have a leveling system, similar to mcMMO skills. You will get EXP through successful frisks on other players. As you level up, you will receive perks while you are in police mode. These perks include permanent Speed, Jump, Night Vision, Auto-sell of frisked drugs, and more! Players who finished season 2 as a Police member will receive a free frisking license at the start of season 3.
    You will have to purchase a Frisking License if you want to play as police. This license can be purchased in the Sewers.
    Police Mode Perks (These can be toggled on or off):

    • Speed - Permanent speed while in Police Mode (Up to speed 2)
    • Jump - Permanent jump while in Police Mode (Up to jump 2)
    • Auto Sell - Automatically sell all Frisked Drugs when you frisk them.
    • Police Lockers - These are used to store your frisked drugs. You can increase the size of these lockers to hold more drugs.
    • Sell Multiplier - Sell your drugs for extra when the Booster Sh-op is active.
    Blueprints are a brand new addition to season 3. These blueprints are little builds which you can build without actually needing to build them! There will be multiple blueprints for different builds such as cannons, vaults, and others.
    To give an example, the cannons can range from very basic to cannons, to sand stackers, and everything in between and beyond. Clearing up, you don't need to have the blocks to build these items, they will be provided by the

    With all these changes, there will be bugs and glitches and we hope you guys will report them all to us so we can make this season the best DrugRun ever.
    There are a lot of features you probably didn't see on here such as RaidMe, or Traveler, or Quests. These features will be coming in the upcoming months as content updates, as this update the server was built from scratch. We will be provided monthly content updates, to keep things refreshing, and to also give us time to test it all and make sure it is DrugRun ready!
    We hope to you see you online! If you have any questions, concerns or anything else, let us know in the comments below! We want to make this more user involved than we have in the previous seasons :)
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