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    I am Lysander, my gender is male (Yes, Lysander is a boy's name), I live in The Netherlands and I'm a peep.
    However, I've played on DR Season 1, but I've quit for a while. My abbilities
    Are making bases, being patient, finding bases and I'm learning to cannon. My
    Team and I just joined season 2, and we're really liking the updates, like
    Everyone does. Nowadays I'm like a
    Fulltime DR player, meaning when I have time I play DR, nothing else. I'm slowly climbing the
    Ladder, and I hope I can be a good rank/player very soon. Oh btw, I mentioned I'm a peep, meaning my
    Age is 15. Also, I'm a
    Variety player, meaning I farm, PvP, raid etc,
    Otherwise I get bored. I hope I see
    U ingame, but I
    Rather not see Flavour anymore (Just don't read the first letters).

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