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    Hello everyone,

    Here's my introduction!

    Who am I ?!
    I'm Max, known as maxito43 ingame and one of the two owners on DrugRun. I live in Amsterdam and I am Looka's brother. We have set up the new DrugRun together from scratch, and shortly after that David joined us.

    What is my occupation?
    I work as a system engineer for a group of hospitals in Amsterdam and I have a degree in IT System Management. It's a challenging and fun job.

    What do I do in my free time?
    • Hosting servers: This has always been a hobby of mine, I basically started out back in 2002 when I used to host Quake 3 and RTCW servers. Over the years I have hosted servers for multiple games, but I have to say that hosting Minecraft servers is the most fun to do of them all because of the community and customization options. We can basically create a game, within a game with Minecraft!
    • Producing music: Back in 2011 I used to produce hip hop beats full-time. My YouTube channel has around 3 million views and I worked with some bartists. I decided however to move on, as it was becoming more of a job than a hobby, which was never my intention. I know the music industry is hard and competition is killing, which is the reason I choose to continue my career in IT instead of music. I do however still produce music now and then!
    • Making abroad trips: I love travelling around the globe, and have been in Asia numerous times. I am partly Indonesian myself, which is probably why I like being there so much. It feels like a different world, not only because of the climate and landscapes, but also the people, local villages and different cultures.
    Thank you for reading my intro.
    See you on the server!

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    So you're not a stripper? D:
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    I'm dissapointed to...

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