OFFICIAL June Update and Drop Party!

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    Welcome to our June Update!

    It is finally here! After a somewhat rough start of the new season, failing drug plugins and countless of other bugs that we had to fix, we can safely say that we have left all of that behind us now and things are really starting to get into shape. This months update is mainly a content update that will bring in a lot of new features, with some smaller features and bug fixes here and there.

    As usual, please report any bugs, glitches or exploits you might encounter to the server staff ingame, on Discord or via the forums.

    The update will be pushed this sunday - and we will host a series of events including a DP!

    Drop Party on Sunday 24th of June
    Including 4 hours of Abandoned City V2!


    Abandoned City is back!
    There is a new map to explore and we have changed the way how the game works. We are introducing Quarantine Zones, Hot Spots, Boss Spawns and a whole lotta loot that can be found all over the map. Loot chests now come in tiers, regular tiers can be found anywhere on the map, the more rare tiers can only be found in Quarantine Zones or near Hot Spots. This means that players will have to take risks to get better loot (PvP being enabled and tough bosses).



    In our improved enchantment system, we will have enchantment "types". These enchantments will be limited to 1 per item, to keep it all balanced. You as the player will have to pick which enchantment you think will be the most useful to you.

    Enchantments will be added to Encryptions (/gary)
    Infusion -
    - Applies to: Diamond Armor
    - Info: Infusions require all 4 armor pieces to be enchanted with the same Infusion enchant. Then you will get the perk from the enchantment itself.

    Edge -
    - Applies to: Sword, Axe
    - Info: The "edge" of the sword. Enchantments will include stuff like poison, slow, wither, blind, etc on hit.

    Arrow -
    - Applies to: Bow
    - Info: There are only 2 enchants in this category - "Splash" and "Spread". "Splash" will splash whateverTip enchantment you have in a small AoE around where the arrow lands. "Spread" will be the equivalent of season 2's ShotGun Enchantment - it will shoot multiple arrows like a shotgun.

    Tip -
    - Applies to: Bow
    - Info: This enchantment will make the arrows you shoot empowered. This will include things like poison, slow, wither, blind, and more whenever your arrow hits. This synergizes with the "Arrow" enchantment.

    Mod -
    - Applies to: Sword, Axe, Shovel, Pickaxe,
    - Info: These enchantments give specific benefits, like Infusions, and are limited to one per item.
    General -
    - Applies to: All
    - Info: This is just general enchantments.


    Recipes have been brought back to Season 3!
    They are similar to those we had on Season 2, however they have been re balanced and changed to work with the new drugs that we have in place. Prices have also been buffed to motivate players more into making them.
    Link to all recipes

    You can use /drugs in game to view all of the recipe drugs!


    We are introducing the first set of Quests! You can find them by entering the Quest Zones in spawn (requires Dealer rank). Please refer to the screenshot below, where the yellow area is the normal spawn and the green area indicates the Quest Zones. Special thanks to @Bryan for making this possible.



    Cosmetics have now been added back to Donator Ranks. Including all new Pet Blocks!
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