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    As the title says, I am TheObliquities, and my real name is in my ign, Theo. I'm from the UK, but I got a shocking sleeping pattern.

    I was a Beta tester, and I played on the previous version of the server, so I kinda know whats going on, but don't ask me for help with quests. I haven't done a quest before, and I don't really plan on starting.

    I'd love to say I'm a regular player (as in, active), but sometimes the server doesn't let me play, like, it literally wont let me connect. This has been happening since the Beta, so I'm used to it.
    As you can see by the image above, the same server has 3 different connection readings. I get this a lot.

    Oh yeah, I'm a member of staff here, so, don't do drugs kids, unless its in game, or if you know what you're doing, or you have a trained expert in the art of drugs nearby... Do what you want, but don't blame me.

    I got a sewer shop, and every year on my birthday, I'll be doing a super sale, where you can sell your crops for ridiculously high prices!

    Enjoy yourself on the server, and I'll see you round.
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