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By Mr. Moon on Jul 12, 2017 at 10:43 AM
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    Hello everyone!

    We are preparing the next big update and have started work on the major drug overhaul for Season 2.
    This overhaul will include not only changes to the drugs, but will also affect farms, shops and multipliers.
    Please read through this post carefully to fully understand what is going on and how to provide us with your feedback.
    This is your chance to give us your opinion and think with us so we can find the right balance.​

    Drug Types
    UP FOR DISCUSSION: Drug Types are not final. Provide your feedback in the comments below.

    Raw drugs:

    Indica Marijuana - Wheat
    Sativa Marijuana - Cactus green
    Afghani Hash - Cocoa Beans
    Manali Hash - Pumpkin seeds
    Magic Mushroom - Red shrooms
    Bottlecap - Brown shrooms
    Cocaine - Sugar
    LSD - Paper
    Peyote - Chorus fruit
    Ecstasy - Nether wart
    Opium - Melon seeds
    Heroine - Quartz
    Cactus (BOOSTER ONLY)
    Sugar cane (BOOSTER ONLY)

    Custom recipes:


    Pot Flour


    Kush Cookie

    Kush Bread

    Clay = potflour

    Kush Cake

    Clay = potflour


    Jungle Juice

    Clay = potflour


    Party hard cake

    Clay = Pot Flour
    Bowl = Jungle Juice
    Tear = Hydrocodone
    Cake = Kush cake

    Old recipes (May be back, or not..)
    Trip Stew

    New marijuana strains
    Next to the default custom recipes, we are considering to add new types of marijuana strains, that would require new ingredients such as fertilizers and different seeds to craft them. They would require time to craft (as they need sub-recipes such as fertilizers), but will be worth significantly more. The new strains would be realistic, it is however a lot of work to implement and we are not sure it's worth our time as most people don't want to spend too much time crafting. Let us know your feedback on this!
    Examples of new strains:
    Nova OG Marijuana
    Pink Starburst Marijuana
    Gorilla Glue Marijuana

    Drug Prices
    UP FOR DISCUSSION: Drug Prices are not final. Provide your feedback in the comments below (See post about autofarms below to understand what is possible and what is not).

    All drug prices below are using the default 1.0x multiplier.


    Before we continue on this subject, it is important that you know that we have to take two factors in account regarding autofarms. One of them being the server economy, and the other one being server stability. Both are just as important. It is not our aim to get rid of autofarms, but we have to find the right balance that fits both factors.
    Currently, a lot of players leave their accounts, or alts, online overnight for their autofarms to keep collecting drops. There is nothing wrong with that, and we even allow alts for that reason to keep chunks loaded.
    However, manual farming requires continious effort, and should always be more rewarding than just staying AFK with autofarms. Having to build an autofarm once, and AFK for eternity until you reach highest prestige, completely takes away the challenge.

    We think it's good idea to use some kind of formula to handle this, for example:
    1 hour of manual farming profit is equal to 4-8 hours of AFK autofarming (medium-large sized autofarms).

    For these reasons the prices of crops that can be autofarmed, should be significantly lower than crops that can only be manual farmed.
    DrugRun runs on a very powerful dedicated server, with one of the best CPU's out there for single (non-network) Minecraft servers. However, Minecraft stays Minecraft, and runs on only one CPU core, so we have to save resources where we can to prevent lag. Most of the lag that we experienced was due to autofarms that use a lot of pistons. Firing off pistons uses a lot of resources, and if they are not delayed correctly, it will cause lag spikes. We have put in several plugins that deal with these issues, often resulting in redstone to be frozen, often server-wide.

    For the reasons stated above, our aim is to make any autofarm that requires pistons unprofitable, to refrain people from making them. Autofarms that are piston based include crops such as sugarcane, pumpkins, melons, coca beans etc. You can recon that the drug prices for these crops will be significantly lower than others.

    Note: We are currently working on a new plugin that might fixed the lagg coming from redstone.

    With the overhaul we are changing the multipliers as well. They will be rebalanced for all ranks, including police, donor and prestige levels. With the new multipliers introduced, we will enforce a new rule where we will either; completely disallow buying drugs from players in pshops; allow it up to a certain extent such as buying for a maximum multiplier.

    Thank you for reading! This post is a work in progress and not final.
    Contents may change as we receive feedback and suggestions from the community.

    - DrugRun Staff Team
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Discussion in 'News' started by Mr. Moon, Jul 12, 2017.

    1. jimmysboss10
      Honestly I really like the changes with the Multipliers. I am on board with these new drugs/recipes you guys are adding too but I would like to see the regular drug prices go up just a bit.
    2. Mr. Moon
      Mr. Moon
      Thanks Jimmy :)
      Are you talking about all the raw drugs or sugar cane and cactus?
    3. jimmysboss10
      raw drugs like the wheat and cocoa beans etc
    4. Mr. Moon
      Mr. Moon
      Reason why raw drugs are low compared to other drugs is because of the afk auto farms.

      But yea we can buff wheat, cocoa and beans since you cant make automatic farms with those drugs
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    5. Lysander
      I like it, I currently kinda hate how many people afk and make loads of money. I never afk, and do all the work manually. That makes it a challenge for me, since when I do everything manually it takes a lot of time, and other players afk and get more money then I do. So more money for manual farming is good in my opinion.
      Also, a lot of players would say 'But it would take so much time'. Make it a challenge, don't afk the whole time, what's the fun about that? Some players are already prestige 5, just with afk'ing. I think that should get nerved alot.
    6. Mr. Moon
      Mr. Moon
      Update: Not going to change them right now, will change prices when we receive some more feedback.
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    7. Rawity
      Don't make prestige useless please, was fine Wicked had the prestige 2 multiplier as that was still a pretty hard rank to get. Giving them prestige 5 multiplier is just insane, notice how none is even prestige 3+ yet except me. Also booster being better than prestige 10 makes prestige useless again, as everyone's just gonna wait for booster and forget about the nice shops you unlock after spending hundreds of millions.
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    8. Qaazx
      Bump the price of sugar and paper up a dollar or two imo, paper is the same as wheat right now. Wheat is just straight drops and paper and sugar requires time to craft

      Shrooms could also use a slight buff so they're not equal with nether wart. But chorus fruit should remain the most valuable farming drug.
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    9. Lysander
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    10. hippyguyman
      Wheat should be buffed. Probably one of the least farmed items.
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    11. Mr. Moon
      Mr. Moon
      Reason why you can sell wheat for more is because you cant make automatic wheat farms.
    12. Qaazx
      Cocoa beans are also a huge pain to farm and can't really be automated. Should be buffed a bit.
    13. Mr. Moon
      Mr. Moon
      #1 Price change please note these prices are not final.

      Wheat $ 11 > 20
      Cactus green $ 8
      Cocoa Beans $ 8 > 20
      Pumpkin seeds $ 6
      Red shrooms $ 20
      Brown shrooms $ 24
      Sugar $ 12
      Paper $ 11
      Chorus fruit $ 35
      Nether wart $ 20 > 16
      Melon seeds $ 6
      Quartz $ 22
      Cactus $ 6
      Sugar cane $ 6

      Benzo $ 25
      Morphine $ 120
      Pot Flour $ 45
      Kush Cookie $ 97
      Kush Bread $ 190
      Kush Cake $ 1,500
      Hydrocodone $ 150
      Jungle Juice $ 285
      Xanax $ 100
      Party hard cake $ 5,000
    14. Malekeeth
      would love it if old recipes are kept in. considering it still takes effort making them and people are already use to them.
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    15. MeltedGallium
      I second this;
      Not just because I'm prestige but also for those who are President and wanting to prestige. Lowering the multiplier for people who prestige would really take the fun and the grind out of the game. Also, something that concerns me would be the prices that the ranks are at. With a major nerf to pretty much all main crops how do you expect someone to climb the ranks? I do admit, it is a tad bit too fast currently however if I recall correctly, someone said it takes around $1B to go from citizen - Pres 10 President. Could you imagine spending $1b just to have a 2.5x Multiplier?! Also, Wicked rank is the same as Prestige 5 rank? I mean, I understand if the server isn't doing very well that you may add another incentive to buy a 200$ rank, however I really see the server becoming boring if all the top guns are people who spent hundreds on the game. This needs a re-think

      Tl;Dr -- Everything seems fine, would like old recipes staying however the multipliers need to be changed, either overall or just for higher ranks, otherwise it takes the grind out of the game completely and makes the point of the game null and void
    16. Mr. Moon
      Mr. Moon
      #2 price change, please note these prices are not final

      Wheat $ 20 >
      Cactus green $ 8 >
      Cocoa Beans $ 20 >
      Pumpkin seeds $ 6 >
      Red shrooms $ 20 >
      Brown shrooms $ 24 >
      Sugar $ 12 >
      Paper $ 11 >
      Chorus fruit $ 35 >
      Nether wart $ 16 >
      Melon seeds $ 6 >
      Quartz $ 22 >
      Cactus $ 6 >
      Sugar cane $ 6 >

      Benzo $ 25 >
      Morphine $ 120 >
      Pot Flour $ 45 >
      Kush Cookie $ 97 >
      Kush Bread $ 190 >
      Kush Cake $ 1,500 >
      Hydrocodone $ 150 >
      Jungle Juice $ 285 >
      Xanax $ 100 > 180
      Party hard cake $ 5,000 >
    17. ShakeNBake
      I don't agree with the cop multipliers being so low as they cant have Drug farms. Which would make it a lot harder to rank up i think it should be a set price for all somewhere near 2.5x.

      Remove Pshops or dont allow drug sales in Pshops and boost multipliers or drug prices some of the higher up people basically rule the server because of their pshops and can just sit there while the half the server sells to their pshop and then sell it out of their inventory and make millions in minutes.

      Also idk if possible but i think that for example for like prestiges that can sell out of their inventory if done the sellrate should be .3x-.5x less than if they physically went to a shop.
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    18. Mr. Moon
      Mr. Moon
      I get your point, what we can do is buff the multiplers and disable selling/buying drugs in the pshops.
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    19. Mr. Moon
      Mr. Moon
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