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    Hello everyone,

    We have been working hard behind the scenes to fine tune everything in Season 2 and will continue to do so. Below you will find the changelog of what we have added, changed and fixed in the last few weeks. The second batch of donator items from Season 1 (Keys, enchants, bosses etc.) will be scheduled for distribution later this week.

    - Added PlayerVaults
    - Added InstaWall
    - Added Faction Top (/ftop)
    - Added AuctionHouse (/ah)
    - Added Lapis Mine (/mines)
    - Switched to old voting plugin (/vote top)
    - Fixed /baltop
    - Fixed WeedButter & SpaceCake recipes
    - Bosses have been slightly buffed and rewards for lower positions fixed
    - TNT Cannon mechanics changed back to pre 1.7 behavior
    - [TODO] Worldborder changed to circular and 20,000 blocks
    - [TODO] Drug Overhaul & New recipes
    - Price Change: Red Mushroom 36 -> 20
    - Price Change: Brown Mushroom 36 -> 24

    Vaults are virtual chests with 3 rows of storage that can only be accessed by entering the vault buildings in spawn (old apartment buildings from Season 1). Depending on how many vaults a player has unlocked, players will have to click on the signs to open their vaults. For example, if you have unlocked 3 vaults, you will be able to use Vault 1, 2 & 3. Each player can unlock up to 10 vaults, and they do not stack up. This means that if you are Lord, and Prestige 1, you will only have one vault and not two. Please read further below to see how many vaults you can access.

    Get to the Vaults Building by using /warp vaults

    Lord gets 1 vault
    King gets 2 vaults
    Emperor gets 3 vaults
    MVP gets 4 vaults
    Wicked gets 5 vaults

    Prestige 1 gets 1 vault
    Prestige 2 gets 2 vaults
    Prestige 3 gets 3 vaults
    Prestige 4 gets 4 vaults
    Prestige 5 gets 5 vaults
    Prestige 6 gets 6 vaults
    Prestige 7 gets 7 vaults
    Prestige 8 gets 8 vaults
    Prestige 9 gets 9 vaults
    Prestige 10 gets 10 vaults
    Coming soon.. (More rows etc.)
    Plots have been removed in Season 2, and partially replaced by vaults. However, anyone that has ever donated for a plot, will be compensated and will receive a coupon. A new thread will be posted about this soon where donators can request their coupons. Players that have won plots from crates, events, or bought them with tokens, will not be compensated.

    InstaWall stands for instant walls and is a new feature on DrugRun. Players can purchase buckets from the shops on the second floor at /warp shops, or obsidian instawalls from /tokenshop.
    InstaWall buckets can only be used inside your own faction claims. They are used to fortify bases by generating walls around them. You place the bucket on of a top block, and it will go down like water from a bucket would.

    Thank for reading and we hope you enjoy these updates. A lot more is coming in the following weeks!

    - DrugRun Staff
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Discussion in 'News' started by maxito43, Jul 4, 2017.

    1. Jakes1201
      But did you fix the 6th voting link?
    2. Flavour
      Not something we can fix.
    3. Parmind_88
      So whats the deal with "- [TODO] Worldborder changed to circular and 20,000 blocks"?
      Is this gunna happen anytime soon?
      This will totally screw alot of bases....
      Last edited: Jul 5, 2017
    4. Flavour
      With the addition of Genbucket, we will need to change the border to circular with 10k block radius to prevent border glitching into bases.
    5. Parmind_88
      So my base is going to become completely vulnerable from the sides just because people don't know how to account for world border glitching?
    6. oboshia
      Your base was vulnerable regardless. Try to make the walls stronger now.

    7. Parmind_88
      It is not that simple, my base was designed for the corner and it is going to be very hard to adapt it. There will not be enough time to fix it, when the border changes my base will be destroyed in minutes.
      If this server keeps alienating people then they are going to leave.
    8. Mr. Moon
      Mr. Moon
      We already warned players we can extend the borders. We have genbucket now so it doesnt take that long to gen new walls.
    9. DrunkenPiglet
      This isn't about your base, this is to prevent other bugs from happening and so other people don't complain, you can always build another base.
    10. Mr. Moon
      Mr. Moon
      yes, I can let me think about something I can do.
    11. DrunkenPiglet
      The only reason I said 'you can always build another base' is because you make it seem like its the end of the world, a lot of people already have a shit ton of homes in your base so I'd suggest you to move anyway.
      This isn't a personal matter, other people have bases next to the border and those are going to suffer aswell. This is purely to make sure we don't get a lot of complaints in the future.
    12. Parmind_88
      Nevermind, thanks david for thinking about doing something....
      I know I overacted alot Just please understand our frustration when one day we find out our base will be left completely vulnerable and we can't really do anything about it other than whine on forums.
      Last edited: Jul 5, 2017
    13. xRekless
      Is there any reason the donor vaults wont stack with prestige vaults?
    14. koszik
      Probably because then that would be 5 player vaults you cant get from just playing, we try to stay away from pay to win. and 15 vaults is quiet a lot.
    15. xRekless
      Perhaps they could just cap at 10, for example if a pres 8 (8 vaults) had emperor (3), would still only have 10.
      Just an idea so that higher level people don't miss benefits from their donations. Previously the only feature I used from Lord was the donor apartments, which are now Vaults, and since I'm already pres 1 I don't get this benefit.
      Just an idea, glad to finally have PV's in the game
    16. maxito43
      It's technically impossible to make the vaults stack due to the nature of how the plugin was programmed. The only way to do it would be by manually assigning permission nodes for players, which is not going to happen as we are busy enough.
    17. maxito43
      Regarding circular border, we have ran into glitches and other issues with the square border. Not only players can glitch into border bases, it often teleports people completely to wrong locations when they hit the border. We have experienced the issues not only in Wild, even in spawn the border glitches out when people just run randomly. We have tried patching these issues, by changing settings, updating etc. however the dev is just saying to switch back to circular.

      For these reasons we have no choice but to switch back to circular, due to unforseen issues. We will figure out a way to handle the border bases before we actually switch back to circular. The actual switch will be in a week or a few weeks from now, we will contact the faction owners in meantime.
    18. xRekless
      Another question, is there any reason brown and red mushrooms are priced differently?
    19. DrunkenPiglet
      You can get red shrooms from mooshrooms
      Last edited: Jul 7, 2017

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