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    Hello DrugRunners!

    We have had a relatively productive August. This post is coming a little late, as the updates have already been pushed, but this post will outline all the changes.
    As usual, please report any bugs, glitches or exploits you might encounter to the server staff in-game, on Discord or via the forums.

    This update is already live :)

    In this update, we added a whole new generation of drugs, and included some extras within the first generation. Other than the new drugs, the biggest change is the addition of Packed Drugs (AKA Drug Bricks). Alongside those, we added 2 special drug items: Sticky Powder, and Refinement Powder. Drug Bricks were also added for all G1 drugs. To see a list of all the G2 drugs, type /drugs and click the arrow in the bottom right.
    Sticky Powder is used to create drug bricks. In a crafting table, put sticky powder in the middle, and then fill the rest of the slots with the same drug. The output will be 1 drug brick for the drug you input. Sticky Powder has its own recipe: 1 string + 1 gunpowder. To see this recipe, type /drugs and click on Sticky Powder
    Refinement Powder is used to turn some drugs into a "pure" form. You simply put the drug + refinement powder in a crafting table. Refinement powder has its own recipe: 1 bone + 1 redstone. To see this recipe, type /drugs and click on Refinement Powder
    Drug Bricks all have the the same fundamental recipe. In a crafting table, put 1 Sticky Powder (in the middle) + 8 Drug of your choice (around the sticky powder). Fun fact: If you consume a drug brick like a normal drug, the brick will break into 7 of the drug!
    This update came with a heavily requested feature: Crop and Mob hoppers.
    Crop Hoppers collect all crops in a chunk. The 2 limitations are that a crop hopper needs to be placed below y=128 to work properly, and you can only have 1 crop hopper in a chunk. This will allow you to make MUCH simpler chest systems for your massive farms!
    Mob Hoppers function the same way as crop hoppers, however they collect all the Mob related drops (for grinders). This will also allow you to create simple chest systems. The only limitation for mob hoppers is that the hopper must be placed below y=128.


    The long-awaited custom enchantments have been added to encryptions! Enchantments will be in the form of an Abandoned Book and Abandoned Enchantment Packs. The difference between the two is that Enchantment packs will give you 3-5 enchantments per book. These packs can only be acquired from the Donator crate.
    Some of the better items (pickaxes) have had their drop rates doubled!


    The Police
    has finally been released! To become a Police Officer, you must purchase a Frisking License from /warp police. The cost of a frisking license is $2,500,000. If you don't have the money for this, you can purchase a Stolen Frisking License from the sewers.
    For more information about police, read here:
    All enchantments have now been added to all encryptions with the use of Abandoned Books and Abandoned Book Packs. Unlike enchantments from the Abandoned Encryption, these enchantments will have a chance to destroy the item to which they are applied on.
    To prevent your item from being destroyed, head to /gary and talk to the Enchanter NPC. She will offer an item called a Protector, which will protect your item from being destroyed. It has a limited amount of uses!
    Abandoned Enchantment Books, Protectors, and Full Infusion Sets, have all been added to the enchanter in exchange for EXP. This means that EXP has been removed from the Factions shop completely, thus making spawners and grinders a lot more important if you want to get these enchantments!


    The cosmetics received a whole overhaul this update. In the Contraband Crate we changed the entire format to give you 1 of 3 items: A Tags Box, Particle Box, or Arrow Trail Box.

    Tags Box will give you a chat tag, which can be accessed by using /tags
    Arrow Trails Box
    will give you a random arrow trail, which can be accessed by using /arrow
    Particles Box
    will give you a random Particle, which can be access by using /trails

    We have also added long-awaited pets! Currently, only donators Lord and above can use pets. To access your pet, type /pet!

    Finally, we know it can be hard to remember all these commands, so to tie it all together, we have added a small menu. To access this menu, you can use /cosmetics (/cosm for short). This will show you all of the cosmetics that are currently available!​

    We hope to see you guys online!
    - DrugRun Staff
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Discussion in 'News' started by Flavour, Aug 31, 2018.

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